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Ventilation Block Internal Wall

Breeze Block: Internal Wall

Vent or ventilation is an important part of every home. Because the ventilation is a source of change or air circulation in the house. Without ventilation, the air inside the house will become damp and musty.
The concrete list is a material that is mostly found in homes in the tropics, with humid air and heat saving. This material has a shape that resembles a red brick with a hole in the middle called a hollow. In addition to blowing cool air into the house, this hole also replaces excessive sunlight and displays a unique impression on the dwelling.
There are various models of holes in the concrete vent block design that can inspire your home decor. This hole variation you can adjust to the needs of the supply of sun and wind light as well as a unique appearance on the dwelling. Then, what exactly is the advantage of the ventilation block internal wall in comparison with other materials?

The list of soil is made from a mixture of gravel, sand, and cement, making this material stronger than the material or roster made from clay or wood. The combination of materials that support concrete roster which has a longer resistance to weathering that is triggered by weather changes.
However, you agree not to use a breeze block internal wall as a buffer for building structures. The existence of a cavity in the middle makes this material have a bad balance as a barrier of heavy loads on occupancy.

Not only used for the outside of the house or exterior, but concrete roster can also be an inspiration for home decor right in the interior, especially if your home adapts modern industrialist concepts. The massive shape makes the concrete roster appropriate to make a partition or room divider, as well as the transition between indoor and outdoor areas.

Energy Saver
Not only does it make the house look more unique and attractive, but using a concrete breeze block internal wall also brings benefits related to environmental sustainability. The reason is, you will use more lighting as well as natural air circulation by applying concrete roster on the dwelling, thus saving more use of lights and air conditioners.

The different Visual Vibes
Use a concrete roster for sunscreen on residential not only using shelter protection from excessive activation light. Cavities with a unique pattern shape will provide a neat visual feel in the house. Besides having a variety of functions, the breeze block internal wall is also capable of displaying the aesthetics of occupancy to the maximum.

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